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Mom’s to be, this will help!

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Hey Mommies-to-be,

It’s very frustrating not knowing what to get before the BIG DAY when your life will be more fulfilled then ever (first time moms!) so I’ve created  a list for you of the essentials. This will really help you know what to buy… it helped me! Let me know if this was helpful!

It’s baby time

So here is my baby essentials advice and stuff you just SHOULDN’T be without!

Ok so here we go:


The car seat/stroller system… these suckers are expensive! Get yourself a fully integrated system… because those weekly trips to the doctor checkups… you need something to carry the babes from the car seat to the office without major hassle!
Boppy Pregnancy Pillow


Graco® Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System – BermudaThe Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe travel system includes the Quattro Tour Deluxe stroller, SafeSeat™ infant car seat with a 5-Point front adjust harness and a stay-in-car adjustable base. The Quattro Tour Deluxe stroller is made of aluminum tubing and promises years of comfy strolling for infants through toddlers. The one hand gravity fold simplifies life for parents and the 180 degree rotating canopy with peek-a-boo window shades your child from any direction. The 4-position, flat reclining seat keeps your child comfortable while the parent organizer tray with storage compartment and cupholders provides convenience for mom and dad. The lower and load storage basket is the perfect place for storing baby’s essentials. Best of all, this travel system includes the SafeSeat infant car seat for your infant from 5-30 lbs. and up to 32. Check out our Stroller Buying Guide to select the stroller that’s right for you.Manufacturer’s Age: 0 – 12 months


The car seat… after babes outgrows the infant car seat… you graduate to this adjustable version. Spend a bit more on this version and it will save you a lot in the long wrong… should last until baby is about 5 years old… after which it will be easy to use the regular seatbelt, although it is highly recommended you use car seats until kids are 11 years old.

Graco® ComfortSport Convertible Car Seat – Tan CheckPlease Note: This item is available Online and at Toys”R”Us stores. When it comes to convenience, versatility, and value in a convertible car seat the Graco ComfortSport is a real winner. The ComfortSport convertible car seat, with a 5-point harness and New Energy absorbing Foam Liner, is the perfect transition car seat for when your little one has outgrown their Graco SnugRide infant car seat, but should still be riding rear-facing – the American Academy of Pediatricians recommends keeping your child rear-facing as long as comfortably possible – at least till 20 pounds and one year of age. The ComfortSport convertible car seat can be used rear-facing up to an incredible 30 pounds and then after that simply turn it around and use it as a toddler seat up to 40 pounds. Your child is sure to love the plush, comfy seat with detachable head pillow and the kid compartments for storing drinks and stuff and you’ll love the ease of the front-adjusting harness straps and the new EZ Wash Pad! Note: if you are shipping this item to Connecticut, sales

 tax on the related shipping and handling charges will be refunded to your credit card. 

The Baby Bjourn… don’t bother getting any OTHER brand… it’s a MUST for the mommies and the daddies… OH MY GOD was this the best invention ever and I still thank my bro and his wife for sending it as a gift! Yazan and I took many walks with this package… and my sister in law was cooking and cleaning with baby tucked safely in the little mommy pouch… and it has GREAT back support!

BABYBJORN® Baby Carrier Original – City BlackThe classic BABYBJORN® Baby Carrier Original makes it easy to keep your baby close and secure while you go about your daily activities. Developed with the help of both parents and medical experts, the BABYBJORN® Baby Carrier Original helps position the baby comfortably and at the same time provides the proper support for the infant’s spine and hips. The BABYBJORN® Baby Carrier Original is user friendly with all adjustments being made front the front, allowing you to take the baby in and out without waking her. The BABYBJORN® Baby Carrier Original has wide padded straps to distribute the baby’s weight evenly for parent’s comfort. Recipient of both the AMBY 2003 award and Silver Award Design of the Decades (IDSA).Manufacturer’s Age: Birth – 3 years


The baby bag… Oh lord… the bigger the better… you need all the diapers you can fit… underwear, change of clothes, milk bottles, medicine, creams, wet ones… you name it…!

Diaper Dude Diaper bag – Blackby:Diaper Dude LLC

As seen on “The View”, US Weekly, In Style Magazine, Parenting Magazine, TV’s Extra! And in many more fine publications. Say goodbye to flowery diaper bags… Now there’s Diaper Dude®! Diaper Dude® is not your average diaper bag. It was designed with dad in mind. A cool, hip, funky diaper bag that comes complete with changing pad, cell phone holder and key ring for dads on the go. Diaper Dude® is compartmentalized and has enough

 space to hold those essentials needed for a day out with dad. Three large front pockets are designed for wipes, food, bibs, utensils and more. The main compartment contains a special place for diapers, changing pad and is big enough to hold a change of clothes, toys

and extras. A bottle holder is at arms reach, so dad can access milk or juice at a moments notice. But most of all, Diaper Dude® is form fitting to the body, comfortable, hip and affordable. And moms love wearing it too! Bag measures approx. 16″wide and 14″tall and 4.5″ deep.

Manufacturer’s Age: Birth and up


The breast feeding pillow… saved my arms from torture… used until Yazan was two… he used to lie down on it… also hogged by my and Issam… we fought over it a lot… hee hee… a DEFINATE must have!

Boppy® Original Pillow – Baby Bugsby: The Boppy CompanyBoppy™ Original is the award-winning nursing and infant support pillow. Voted the number one product new moms can’t live without. Boppy™ supports baby while nursing, lying, playing and learning to sit. An ergonomically correct pillow for mom’s back. Machine washable.

Manufacturer’s Age: Birth and up




Now this item is for mommy when pregnant… oh my God… when my tummy got HUGE… I couldn’t sleep… so I custom-made long pillows to help me sleep… cause you can’t sleep on your back or on your tummy… and even on the side is uncomfortable… but thanks to this great invention… sleeping is bliss until you have the baby!

Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

Boppy® Pregnancy Comfort Cuddle Pillowby: The Boppy CompanyIntroducing The Cuddle Pillow by Boppy. The recommended sleep position for women is side sleeping. This uniquely-shaped pillow supports under the belly helping mom-to-be get a comfortable, good-night’s sleep. Using the Cuddle Pillow helps to keep the back aligned properly, reducing discomfort in the morning. Slipcovered in a lavish 360-thread count cotton makes for easy washing. 
The snuggle nest… baby sleeps well and so do you, knowing that he/she won’t roll over. Baby should sleep on his/her side… and every nap time, switch sides… safe and secure.

Air Vent Sleep Positionerby: Babies ‘R’ UsHelps position baby as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Cradles baby in comfort while sleeping or resting. 



Kudos to my mother in law for this bit of heaven… bathing baby is really scary… but all you have to do is lay baby in one of these little safety seats and it’s so easy… just washing the backside is a bit slippery… but it was so easy to fill the baby bath with water and baby lies down in this and enjoys the water J


Primo EuroBath Infant SeatBathing a newborn baby is easier and safer now with PRIMO’s EuroBath Infant Seat! Designed for an infant from birth to 6 months old, the new PRIMO EuroBath Infant Seat cradles the infant by supporting the legs and arms while bathing. It’s perfect for home or for traveling!Mother can safely bathe her infant with the PRIMO EuroBath Infant Seat, helping to prevent the baby from slipping under the water. Suction cups hold PRIMO EuroBath Infant Seat securely in place in almost any bath or sink. The PRIMO EuroBath Infant Seat is designed to hold an infant from up to 18 pounds and 28 inches long. It is made from non-toxic plastic resin that is lightweight and easy to clean. 
Another option… I like the softer versions… wonderful little inventions!


Safer Bather Soft Bath Bumper by: LeachcoSafer bather bath pad has all of the features every parent needs to assure baby’s bath is as safe and pleasurable as can be. The head is elevated keeping water out of baby’s ears and it won’t break or pull apart like some sponge pads. Soft polyester filling dries quickly and is mold and mildew resistant. Sturdy hanger for convenient storage. Baby will appreciate this soft and comfortable bathtub. 
Oh my God… the best… turn on the vibrator when baby gets cranky… no more tears J… available in blue for boys too

Pink Papasan Infant Seatby: Fisher-PriceThe Girls Baby Papasan Infant Seat refresh is an infant seat with deluxe softgoods on a unique frame. It remains the cushiest place to put baby and now the fashion coordinates with the new Girls Papasan Cradle Swing. The music has been updated to include two soothing modes: classical and lullabyes. It contains a mobile with a built-in mirror and removable soft ladybug. The head of the mobile pivots to provide a good angle for baby. The mobile arm rotates away towards the back for easy access for loading and unloading baby. The softgoods contour to baby with a plush cozy environment that supports baby’s back, sides and head. The papasan frame helps to create the cozy feeling and folds for storage. Soothing vibrations and calming music add to the environment and help to sooth baby to sleep.

Manufacturer’s Age: 0 months and up 

The sleek sack… keeps baby warm and cozy… no fear of blanket not covering baby… hee hee haw haw

HALO SleepSack Wearable Fleece Blanket Gift Set – Buff/Mint: Newborn and Smallby: Halo InnovationsSleepSack Wearable Blanket Newborn and Infant Gift Set. Includes one newborn and one size small wearable blanket. Newborn size fits 5-10 lbs, small size fits 10-18 lbs. This wearable blanket in soft micro-fleece keeps baby warm and cozy, and replaces loose blankets in the crib. Inverted zipper opens from bottom to top for easy diapering. “Back to Sleep” logo on front reminds caregivers to place baby on back. Recommended by First Candle/SIDS Alliance. 
The working mom… can’t breastfeed? Why not give baby breast milk anyway… this really helped… and it’s so comfortable… it’s made for working mom’s and there’s a refrigerator in it too to keep the milk fresh… by the way… breast milk can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months… just label it and put it in the freezer… 6 months in deep freezer… 4 days in the fridgeThe medela pump in style is the best on the market… available in Jordan from George Khoury medical supplies- Medica on the Aramex traffic lights…

Medela® Pump In Style Advanced Breastpumpby:Medela


Medela’s Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump features research-based 2-Phase Expression Hospital technology – based on how a baby nurses in 2 Phases – Stimulation: Fast and light sucking to start your milk flowing. Expression: Slower, deeper suck for more milk in less time. 2-Phase Expression is proven by research to feel most like a baby, to lead to faster milk ejection and faster milk flow. All this with no guesswork and no worry, so you can focus on you and your new baby! Includes removable cooler carrier and motor unit, double pumping accessory kit, manual breastpump, cooling element, AC adapter, battery pak with soft cover, 4 collection containers and lids, 2 container stands, Breastfeeding Information Guide, Free breastpumping accessory samples. 

Sterilize all your baby equipment… and spend on a good sterilizer… you can easily sterilize by boiling everything… but the sterilizer is a great invention!

AVENT iQ 24 Electronic Steam Sterilizerby:Avent The new AVENT iQ 24 Electronic Steam Sterilizer is the first intelligent steam sterilizer designed to communicate each phase of the sterilization cycle, so you stay informed. With features such as a digital display, electronic countdown and sound alerts, you can always be assured that contents are safe to use. The fast 6-minute cycle and optional 24-hour mode that keeps contents continuously sterile ensures contents are ready to use, day or night. Plus, the Pause feature lets you remove some items without interrupting the cycle. 
I really got depressed when Yazan weaned himself… but these bottles are fantastic and very easy to use… plus they reduce on the hiccups…By the way, never heat milk in the microwave… it kills all the good nutrients in breast milk… so this system has it all… and a great bottle brush for easy cleaning…make sure to buy new nipples every month… saves you a lot of throat infections!


AVENT Newborn Feeding EssentialsThe perfect bottle feeding set for new parents with the convenience of a bottle/food warmer. This valuable feeding set provides not only bottles and nipples, but a quick and safe bottle warmer to make it easy to begin bottle feeding your baby. The AVENT Natural Feeding Bottle promotes healthier, active feeding and is the only bottle clinically shown to reduce colic. The nipple features a built-in valve that is simple to use and works with baby’s natural feeding rhythm. Baby can controls the flow of milk, which can help reduce the risk of overeating and spit-up. The valve also keeps air out of baby’s tummy, resulting in less colic and less gas after feeding. The soft, naturally shaped nipple encourages proper latch-on, making it easier for baby to switch between breast and bottle feeding. The Express Bottle and Baby Food warmer heats evenly in fewer than four minutes, without destroying nutrients or causing hot spots like the microwave. Use the warmer for quick, safe heating of refrigerated or frozen breast milk, jarred baby food and more. The set includes four 4-ounce bottles for between-meal feedings and eight 9-ounce bottles. 
Babies not only burp… the barf… don’t worry… with a burping towel, your pretty silk blouse is safe! Get nice cotton ones, good for baby, good for you… you definitely need them!By the way, try to find something 100% cotton if you can… and keep baby away from polyesters… skin is sensitive for one so young… so take care…

3-Piece Especially for Baby Quilted Waterproof Lap/Burp Padsby:Babies ‘R’ Us

Sanitary, stain resistant, and machine washable, this 3-Piece Especially For Baby Quilted Waterproof Lap/Burp Pad Pack includes pads that feature fleecy soft layers on both sides with a waterproof inner layer that provides full wetness protection. Measuring 12in x 13.5in, each pad’s covering is made from 100% polyester and the filling is 100% vinyl.

Manufacturer’s Age: Birth and up

6 Pk Terry Burp Cloth Solid – Boy

by: Gerber Childrenswear

Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester for a gentle feel, this 6-pack of terry burp cloths from Gerber® can be used for small clean-ups.

Manufacturer’s Age: Birth and up


Now here’s an invention I wish I had… bathtub and thermometer all in one! Baby bathed at the perfect temperature… hassle free… GET IT WOMAN…GET IT!

Clean Water Infant Tub with Built-in Thermometerby: 4 MomsBringing a fresh approach to infant bathing, this Clean Water Infant Tub from 4moms features a unique design that enables running faucet water to create a gentle circulating flow within the tub, cradling your baby in clean, warm water. The fast responding, built-in digital thermometer makes it easy to set and maintain a comfortable water temperature so your baby stays warm throughout bathtime. The water-resistant backlit display is color coded to indicate when the water is cold (blue), warm (green) or hot (red). A graphic Comfort Zone, which is part of the display, and audible high temperature alerts take the guesswork out of monitoring the water temperature. It features the additional benefits of sidewall drains through which dirty water is continuously expelled and a contoured bottom that enabless the tub to be used in single- and double-basin sinks and all bath tubs.

Manufacturer’s Age: Birth – 24 months


Baby grooming and care… get these items… I didn’t realize how important they were… and they are really important… make sure you don’t overuse the nasal aspirator though J

NasalClear™ Nasal Aspiratorby: Peter J. Listro AssociateAble to play 12 tunes to help distract your child while in use, the NasalClear™ Nasal Aspirator from BebeSounds® quickly, easily, and safely clears your baby’s stuffy nose and helps her or him to breath more freely. The aspirator also provides you with suction that is stronger than that of a traditional manual aspirator, yet gentle enough to use safely and comfortably on your newborn. 
Get the travel case… it’s easy to take it with you wherever you are with your dude bag J

American Red Cross Deluxe Grooming Essentials Kitby:The First Years


You don’t think that your baby will get sick… bas habibti… this is the first item you buy!

Braun Ear Thermometer – Thermoscan IRT 3020by:Braun

The Braun ThermoScan model 3020, featuring America’s best-selling ear thermometer brand, is a great choice for parents to have on-hand for unexpected childhood illnesses. Only Braun ThermoScan is the thermometer brand most used by pediatricians, based on surveys of pediatricians in the U.S. Braun ThermoScan model 3020 offers proven speed, accuracy and ease of use, so you can feel confident taking the temperature of even your youngest family member. The Braun ThermoScan model 3020 measures temperature in the ear in just one second. The ear is an excellent site to measure temperature because the eardrum and surrounding tissue shares blood supply with the temperature control center in the brain. The Braun ThermoScan model 3020 measures the heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue. 


Little Remedies – New Parents Survival Kitby:Vetco Pharmaceuticals

Includes pediatrician recommended products that provide safe, gentle and effective relief from the common discomforts experienced by infants and children without unnecessary additives.

Manufacturer’s Age: 0 months – 6 years


Kudos once again to my mother in law… it’s just so easy to give baby medicine with this soft tip syringe gizmo! Still have one for Yazan until today… so easy!

Soft Tip Medicine Dispenser
Other products by The First YearsThe First Years soft-tip medicine dispenser makes it easy to administer liquid medicine to even the youngest child. The soft tip is shaped to fit comfortably in a child’s mouth, yet it is safe–it can’t be inserted too far. The dispenser holds up to two full teaspoons and conveniently comes apart for dishwashing. It is equipped with a measuring cup that you can snap on as a leak-resistant travel cap. Measurements on the plastic syringe allow you to prepare a single perfect dose to take along with you or leave at home for another caregiver. 
The nanny

Ok so she is not a nanny, she’s the housekeeper… but dude… you REALLY need help when baby is screaming and there are dishes in the sink and oh my GOD… just get one!
Baby Einstein – get the entire collection… Yazan watches it until now!This particular one is Yazan’s favorite to date… it’s the first one he got J

Baby Einstein: Baby Neptune DVDWithin a baby’s first year of life, new experiences can transform what might otherwise seem to be ordinary events into exciting opportunities for imaginative play. Baby Einstein: Baby Neptune exposes little ones to the wonders of water in their world ” whether they’re stomping in the rain, splashing in the bathtub, playing “catch me if you can” with the tide on the beach or “meeting” the fascinating creatures that live in rivers, lakes and oceans. Overflowing with captivating undersea footage and live-action visuals of delightful puppet shows, toys and happy children, this fun-filled exploration of “water, water everywhere” also features the “Water Music” of George Frideric Handel to accompany you and your little one on your own interactive voyage of discovery!Rating: G

Studio: The Baby Einstein Company


The baby walker… remember, this should only be used when baby can sit up… about 6 months old and should not be in it for more than 10 minutes… you don’t want a bow legged babe now do ya???

Combi® 3-in-1 Activity Walker- MintColorful automotive theme for playful, stimulating experience; Retractable seat for walking function; Removable hood for access to snack and play tray; Adjustable footrest for multiple play modes; Lights and Sound in footrest for interactive foot play; Steering wheel turns and features lights and sound; Anti-skid pads on bottom for child’s safety; Handles to aid walking child; Play mirror for child’s enjoyment; Lockable bounce feature; Easy to clean fabric seating surface.Manufacturer’s Age: Birth and up


The stoller… great for when baby turns 1-5… still use Yazan’s… love it love it love it… Chicco rocks

Chicco C5 Stroller – AlaskaDesigned in Italy, the C5 Stroller in alaska from Chicco® has a rugged yet lightweight swept frame with elliptical tubing that weighs under 14lbs but comes loaded with features you would only expect to find on a full-size stroller! The multi-position reclining seat and adjustable leg rest provides comfort and security with a 5-point harness. All wheel suspension and front wheel swivel locks provide a smooth ride. The water-repellent, adjustable canopy, with zip-off back flap for ventilation, window and storage pocket, and the weather shield protect from rain, wind and cold. The large basket provide plenty of storage for all the things your child needs. The compact, one-hand activated, umbrella style folding and carry handle makes travel and storage easy.Manufacturer’s Age: 0 months and up
The Exersaucer… great way for baby to exercise while at the same time discovering the environment around her/him

Evenflo® ExerSaucer Mega – Circusby:Evenflo
The folding Mega Exersaucer has a built-in carry handle for convenient portability. It has 9 age-appropriate toys in a Circus theme, 12 songs with flashing lights and 10 developmental milestones. It rocks, spins and bounces.

Manufacturer’s Age: 4 months and up


The bath sponge… kudos to my mother in law once again… once wet, this sponge is soft and is a dream…


My mom in law bought me the Pigeon brand… the Chicco ones here are too soft and melt away surprisingly…



The changing table/tub… gotta have one that folds up in the bathroom… for giving baby his/her bath… and all the shampoos and creams there… great stuff… NEVER leave baby alone on the changing table!


Get a foldaway version… couldn’t find a picture… sorry L 
Cotton buds for infants… still use them so you don’t stick it too far in his/her poor little sensitive ear!    
The baby monitor… you can never spend good money on a reliable monitor… keeps you feeling safe and secure… and resting well at night

Graco® imonitor™ Digital Video Baby MonitorTruly portable and up to 50% smaller with a high resolution color display, the imonitor™ Digital Video Baby Monitor from Graco® offers complete privacy with a maximum range of up to 600 feet. 
The travel crib… for mommies and daddies who are traveling… I had work… took this with me… life saver!


CPSC, Graco Children�s Products Announce New Safety Instructions to Prevent Injuries with Portable Play Yards with Raised Changing Tables 
The book: What to expect when you are expecting… oh my God… it’s THE BIBLE of baby rearing, birthing, pregnancy… you name it… I have all of the series… pregnancy… the first years and toddler… brilliant





Tips and tricks (I can’t recall where I found this information, but I am pretty sure it might be from “what to expect”, i am not plagiarizing, the below is someone else’s recommendations!



These guidelines are for mothers who are expressing milk for a full-term healthy baby. Use clean containers, and wash your hands with soap and water before expressing. or pumping. When providing milk for a baby who is seriously ill and/or hospitalized, check with healthcare providers for instructions.

Where stored

Storage temperature
(degrees Fahrenheit)

Storage temperature
(degrees Centigrade)

How long

At room temperature 60 degrees F 15 degrees C 24 hours
At room temperature 66-72 degrees F 19-22 degrees C 10 hours
At room temperature 79 degrees F 25 degrees C 4-6 hours
In a refrigerator 32-39 degrees F 0-4 degrees C 8 days
In a freezer compartment inside a refrigerator     2 weeks
In a self-contained freezer unit of a refrigerator     3-4 months
In a separate deep freeze with a constant temperature 0 degrees F -19 degrees C 6 months or longer




Type of Milk

Save or Dump?


Milk remaining in the bottle that has been offered to baby Use for next feeding, otherwise discard. Bacteria from the baby’s mouth may have entered the milk during the feeding. This may lead to bacterial contamination if it sets too long (though as yet there is no research available).
Milk that has been thawed Save in the refrigerator for 24 hours after thawing, then discard. Do not refreeze. Milk that has been frozen has lost some of the immune properties that inhibit bacterial growth in fresh refrigerated milk.
Milk that has been kept in the refrigerator for eight days Transfer to storage in the freezer, or discard. Bacterial growth is not a problem, but milk sometimes picks up odors or flavors from the refrigerator or the container.


What are the best ways to thaw and heat my stored milk

Heat can destroy human milk’s enzymes, immune properties, and other valuable components, so the milk requires gentle care before it is served to baby. Follow these guidelines:

  • Defrost milk by holding it under warm running water.
  • Or, place the container of milk in a bowl of warm water on the kitchen counter. As the water cools, replace it with more warm water until the milk is thawed and warmed to body temperature.
  • Do not heat expressed human milk on top of the stove. It’s too easy to overheat it this way. Do not boil!
  • Do not heat expressed human milk in a microwave oven. Even if the overall temperature of the milk stays below body temperature, there may be “hot spots” where the milk is overheated and some of its beneficial properties are destroyed. The uneven heating can also be dangerous when the bottle is given to baby.
  • Human milk, like any milk that is not processed or homogenized, tends to separate when stored. The cream rises to the top. Swirl the bottle gently to mix the layers.
  • Human milk has a thin, bluish look to it, quite different from either homogenized cow’s milk or the grayish color of infant formula. Your baby’s caregiver may need reassurance that this is normal.

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