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Posted on: October 17, 2009

I wanted to be the perfect mom after I had Yazan… I made a mental list of all the food he should eat, the food I DIDN’T want him to eat and most of all, I listened to his Pediatrican’s advice… and now Yazan is a strong and health young boy… so here’s the list

  1. Routine Routine Routine… put them on a routine. Keep eating times specific. Especially for working moms. Breakfast at the same time everyday, lunch and dinner. This can become a hassle on vacations though, but believe me, they’ll only get hungry during those times and you can manage the type of food, i.e. keepin’ it healthy!
  2. No salt, unless it’s totally rejected by baby… Babies, when they first start eating solids (and especially if they were on breast milk) do not know flavors… so pretty much what you give them, that’s what it tastes like. So when I started Yazan on solids (mashed up veggies, one type at a time), I didn’t put ANY salt… why introduce it when you don’t have to? He didn’t reject it and now, at 7 years old, he doesn’t ask to put salt on his food and he’ll eat just about anything, including fish!
  3. Our first foray into junk food… the HAPPY MEAL! OH dear, how was i going to manage this one? I didn’t want Yazan drinking horrible sodas… ruin his teeth and his little tummy… colas are just too acidic and sugary… so along with continuous reminders of good dental hygiene, I asked the lady for a water to replace the cola with the Kids Meal… now Burger King was AWESOME about that and didn’t charge me extra… can’t say much for MacDonald’s and I told them that BK was better b/c they cared that I was concerned about my kid! So Yazan never really had the opportunity to taste cola, because i never introduced it… i think that’s the first rule… just don’t introduce it.
  4. Practice what you preach… you can’t be sippin’ on a Cola and eating a bag of chips and telling your kid, hey it’s not healthy… so I cleaned out our pantry… it not only helped Yazan avoid asking for the stuff, but it also helped keep Mommy and Daddy’s waistline in check!
  5. Grannies will introduce the junk food… yep, Yazan’s G-Ma gave him his first bag of chips… despite the fact that i was going to kill someone, i told him that he could have junk food once a week only, since it wasn’t healthy to eat food like that… i’m lucky, hamdillah (thank God) that Yazan is a diligent listener… has great advice for Mom and Mama to be… so check out this link for some healthy snack ideas!


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