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Constipation, Gas & Diarrhea in babies

Posted on: October 19, 2009

Well the worst thing is not knowing why your newborn baby is crying all the time… is it because he or she is just cranky or is there an underlying problem? Gas, constipation, diarreah… here’s a few tips to relieve some of the pain and what to do to help ease cranky babies…

Baby’s Gas

Some babies are more prone to Gas than others and the bubbling pain in the tummy can cause discomfort for babies who can’t express themselves except to SCREAM! Our Pediatrician recommended liquid drops named “Deflat”… that helped settle his tummy… If baby is really uncomfortable try lying the baby down on your forearm, turn his/her face so that their cheek is resting on your arm, and rub baby’s back gently… the pressure on the the tummy will help to relieve the gas…


Babies, especially those who are breast feeding, tend to have soft stools… so that isn’t necessarily a sign of diarreah… monitor your baby, if he/she is passing stool more often the usual, or it is unusually liquidy, then consult your Pediatrician…  There are many reasons why a baby has diarrhea:

  1. illness
  2. teething
  3. food sensitivity
  4. eating too much food that has laxative type properties like apples or pears
  5. a tummy infection, sometimes rotavirus
  6. antiobiotics

Don’t give any anti-diarrhea medicine to baby without approval of your baby’s doctor, some medications can be harmful to baby… keep baby hydrated (at least 2 oz every hour) and you can include a rehydration mixture like Pedialyte, Resol or Lytren) available over the counter is usually but check with your doctor first.

If baby is on solids, continue feeding solids, it will help to ease the diarreah. But don’t give any sweetened juices, glucose water or salt and sugar mixes. Bananas, potatoes, rice cereal, white toast are all good. And Yoghurt with anti bacterial medication if baby is taking it, is very good.

Protect baby’s bottom from diaper rash by changing continuously… i used a cream called “drapolene creme” which was fantastic… Deflamol is also a very good substitute… natural anit-rash cream is recommended and keep changing baby’s diaper often. Call your doctor immeidately if diarrhea lasts more than one day and if there is vomiting as well or blood in baby’s stool and if there is a fever…


Not all babies have the same bowel movements. Some babies may go every day or every hour, while others may go once a day or even once every few days. This should not be cause for alarm as long as  it is normal for your baby… any change in normal b0wel movement is cause for concern. Symptoms include:

  1. stool that is hard and like little balls or pellets
  2. baby has a hard time passing stool causing cracks in baby’s bottom and bleeding
  3. lots of gas and baby discomfort/pain

Usually, breast fed babies are not susceptible to constipation and this is more frequent in bottle fed babies. Consult your Pediatrician as you may need to change baby’s formula. Also, if baby has just started on solid foods, his or her tummy is getting used to a change in the diet, so the body needs to adjust. An ounce or two of prune juice or apple juice will relieve symptoms. For babies eating solids, try adding a bit of bran in their meals and increase fruit and veggie intake (but not bananas). Call you doctor if there is blood in the stool or if it is recurring to resolve the issue.

Hope this helps the mommies out there…!!


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