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Escape with Saraya, Where I work, What I do :-)

Posted on: October 21, 2009

Hey All,

Some of you may know this and others don’t but i work at Saraya and I wanted to share our corporate video done a while back, it gives you a taste of the type of business we are in… which is global Luxury Travel and Tourism meant to suit your lifestyle for nothing but the finer things in life. We are going to have global presence with various luxurious tourist destinations, spanning the middle east from Jordan, Oman, UAE to Europe like in Russia all while providing world class services (Private Jets, Luxury Yachts, Travel Agency) to complete your travel experience…

Our main goal is to make your life just a little easier… in essence we offer an effortless escape every time you choose Saraya! Check out the video… let me know what you think…

Some glimpses of the campaign… for more images go to


1 Response to "Escape with Saraya, Where I work, What I do :-)"

Who would have guessed that brother and sister would converge on the travel industry in opposites parts of the world.

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