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How To Tell If Your Kid Will Grow Up to be a Wise Crack

Posted on: November 9, 2009

Yazan will turn 7 on December 24th… despite being the youngest in his class, he’s top of his class… not only that, he’s been cracking jokes since he was about 2 years old… and even younger, showing an amazing sense of humour… so here I am, thinking, wow, God Bless… this guy is going to be quite a character and a personality…

Fast Forward to today… I’m standing, watching him to make sure he bathes properly… and he’s just slacking off… so I get upset at him and I say “Come on Yazan! You’re wasting time!”… so he says “Why are you mad at me?”… so I reply, “well, you’re taking forever doing nothing and my back hurts…” the little wise guy looks at me and says “I can’t get inside your brain”… so I said… “What’s that supposed to mean?” to which he replies “I don’t know your back hurts, I can’t get inside your brain”…

Brilliant! Not only has he figured out the female psyche… we expect men to read our minds, he’s also got me stumped… couldn’t quite answer back to that one… that was a tough one… heheheh…!!


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