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The Preganancy Countdown T-34 weeks or so

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Well, I’m finally pregnant! Yeah! I’m very excited and looking forward to having a brother or sister for Yazan… he wants to have a brother and he says if it’s a girl he’ll beat her up because his friend who has a sister beats HER up! I told him, Yazan, she’ll be just a baby! He said, ‘that’s ok… when she gets older, I’ll beat her up’. Seven Year olds! So I’m approximately 6 weeks pregnant… and I’ll keep posting how I’m feeling along the way… by the way, the nausea and the bloating? UGH! Better than when I was pregnant the first time… I couldn’t get out of bed… but now I just have a bit of nausea throughout the day… so I can handle it. But the bloating! Oh my clothes! They don’t fit… they’re tight around the waist!

Will start Pilates again today. I’ve been off for a month thanks to two consecutive throat infections in a row and a chest cold right after! The horror! I’ve never been that sick before… hopefully, all will be well from now on. I have to be careful from Rubella, as I don’t have any immunity. So I must steer clear from infants/babies that have not been vaccinated and I have hypothyroidism, which means I have to take¬†medication (levothyroxine) which will adjust the levels. Not enough Thyroid function will affect the baby’s brain development…

Well, I have to run now. Time to take Yazan to school! Until the next blog… Um Yazan signing out!


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