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7 weeks left to go!

Posted on: October 12, 2010

Well, time is getting closer for the big day! 7 weeks left until baby 2 makes his little arrival… i’ve been quite exhausted hence why I haven’t been blogging… at all! Work, weight gain, nausea in the beginning, exhaustion, hormones have all taken their toll…

with Yazan, I recall gaining a lot of weight and not being so exhausted towards the end. I haven’t gained as much weight with this little package because I’ve been exercising (light aerobics and walking) so I feel healthier, but I’m more exhausted. It’s true what they say, every pregnancy is different. I’ve also gotten a a new job while pregnant… won’t start until after my maternity leave, but this is great news for pregnant working women… it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant, who says you can’t be recruited and hired for your qualifications and your condition for that matter!

Will definately go for a natural birth… don’t think I will go for an epidural… it’s not about wanting to feel pain, it’s about the very small risk of epidural having any negative effect on baby… anyway, they say the second baby comes along faster, so I can handle it… Still have to visit the hospital to see where I might be delivering/staying, then baby registry, then think about having a baby shower, not much time is left. Also, Yazan’s room is being rennovated so we still have to pack his things… yeah, lots to do and only 7 weeks left! Not to mention work responsibilities and handovers! Hmmm… I better get to work!


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