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My foray into social media and stuff

Posted on: March 7, 2012

Well, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy… but that’s no excuse… I had my baby… a beautiful healthy baby boy… He was born with a small cleft but we had that fixed in a jiffy… he’s one little character and more than a handful I can assure you! Our doctor said, cleft babies are very intelligent… and he definately is… One month after I had my baby I started work again… went back into Telecom then in January took some time off and joined Airport International Group… Aviation industry… we are a Jordanian company that runs Queen Alia International Airport (old and new terminal).

The job is quite fascinating and I am excited about the opportunity to launch a national icon and a landmark for Jordan… yeah it’s all high profile stuff… you know  how it is…

I’ve been playing in the world of social media… testing stuff out… turns out social media is not only collaboration, information and quantification… it’s also no privacy… basically I am telling the world where I am and what I am doing at any given time… and here’s the freaky part… people I don’t know follow me and get a glimpse into my life… now Social Monitorings sites like to tell you that you’re influential and you get scored for that… and of course the higher your score, the more ‘influential’ you are… but you know what? How about those peeping toms that are following me??? Why the heck would anyone want to see that picture i posted of my dog playing in the snow… or my kid jumping from one couch to another? Hmmmmm… let me rephrase… why would someone I don’t know… who lives thousands of miles away… want to see and ‘like’ that photo? I find it fascinating… of course I should answer that question myself… I’ve ‘liked’ photos of people I don’t know… but i ‘like’ them from an artistic perspective… hence my journey into  and .. now those two sites are AWESOME! Yes it’s all about the fashion and the colors and the sites and the smells. My online mood board… my online visual board… love it! LOVE IT! More on that later…

Right now I’m just trying to improve my score because I want to be at 56 again (I am now cruising at 52-53) and that’s because in January when I wasn’t so busy at work I was busy posting and pinning and tweeting and just plain old browsing… and that was FUN!

Enjoy… I might be back soon… I should be back soon… One thing for sure, blogging should be a regular thing… and I will try to be regular on a monthly basis… how does that sound? Ok ok … weekly!


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