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Pinterest & Polyvore

Posted on: March 14, 2012

Well as promised… I DID tell you that I WOULD tell you about and and why I love love love working on those two sites… Let’s take them one by one:

1. Pinterest… seriously? The coolest electronic pinboard on the planet @pinterest makes me happy. I see it… I LOVE it… I pin it onto my Inspiration Boards… from style to products, to any category you want/create, you can actually put together the best of what the world has to offer and what inpsires you all in one place… This board are for those highly inspired by the the visual senses… If you are an audio or touchy feely type of person, I don’t think this will work for you… but what a great place to discover what you love, where you love, how you love…! I recently discovered that I am in love (not just with the color black) but all things pastel and soft and feminine…! I’ve come a long way from being a tom boy, refusing to wear skirts and always on a sports team or at the gym… there IS a feminine side… Now this is Pinterest on the personal side… for the business side, Pinterest has a lot more than just pretty pictures to look at… The #socialmedia hype on #pinterest is not just a #whatstrendingnow It really can do great wonders for your business… but that’s IF you know how to use it! #demogrphaics #psychographics all things #infographics is right there at your fingerprints… Want to know what women in the middle east aged 25-35 want, aspire to have, inspired by? One only has to look at their boards! Just checked out the board entitled Products I Love, here’s mine from this you can see that I love desserts and #apple products. So if you wanted to target me… #apple, obviously I am influenced by you so target me with your next offer! Bakers galore! Love me to love you! If you have a product, I will so promote it… invite me for a #tasting and I will tweet it, blog it, you name it… and that’s just under products I love… If you looked at my style board, you would so know @gucci that I love your products! So get business savvy and target your audiences smartly and specifically for some radical results! Don’t believe me… check out this article from blog from  #HBR

2. Ahhhhh Sighhhhh… LOVE… here’s a place where I can create an outfit, and THEN i can buy it… or PIN IT! Loooooooooooove… at first I didn’t know that I had it in me to put together an outfit… I just used to stick to the basics… then I discovered that with Polyvore I can browse thousands of catalogs, add outfits I like and lay them out in a way that can:

a. help me in my #wardrobe basics

b. make me look like I’m just an awesome #stylist (my most repinned set)

c. and allow me to #budget my #fashion requirements… i.e. I can actually BUY the outfit I put together… Polyvore has links to everything and wiht prices… so if you’re on a budget, you can put the outfit together and just buy it online! How AWESOME is that? #justsaying

So @Polyvore, you have made my year! You’ve managed my closet AND my budget! And you’re leading me to links where I can buy that MUST HAVE dress and that MUST HAVE shoe… seriously… NOT only that, you can join the competitoin… Brands are already there… I’ve seen competitions for #ninewest #lancome … design, vote, win! How cool is that… free products for using and adhering to the rules (use the brand, lay out the product, win, get #freebies #love)…

Am I excited? OH YES! Because these two websites and @pinterest app make me happy, organize my thoughts, help me with my choices as recommended by others…

So Pinterest and Polyvore… practical, useful and fun… I highly #recommend 🙂


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