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The Social Media Influence/Annoyance?

Posted on: March 22, 2012

So as I mentioned in my previous blog… there’s something about those “influential” scoring that got me thinking… I decided a while ago to slow down on Twitter and FB… not post as much and just keep good and interesting information coming… so what happened next???? My Klout ( and Kred ( scores went down! WHAT? I just cut down from maybe 20 posts per day to 7… that made me less influential? Seriously? Why?

Of course it’s a lot more complicated than that… it’s based on your metions and retweets and who favorited who and how many followers and and and… but seriously… who cares about NUMBER of followers… what about the quality of the followers? Of my 600 plus followers on Twitter (  and my 1000 plus ‘friends’ on FaceBook ( and 1000+ LinkedIn (  first degree acquaintances… how many really care what I have to say or what I have to do?

I’ve blocked many as spammers, annoying, stalkers, etc. So I really wonder… unless you are an active company or active person in the community, you will only influence people if the quality is right and if they really do care what you have to say… I don’t think that I should be considered a social media influencer if I have over 1000 followers on Twitter but I don’t tweet or state anything of interest to others or that is not ‘controversial’… whatever happened to posting… what I am doing right now… or share a thought… now it’s just turned into this one big news library of a lot of load of crap and people whining…

Hmmm… am I whining? I certainly hope not… but today I was just thinking about what people post, why I follow them or friend them or link them in… and I decided I have a lot of cleaning up to do… some stuff just isn’t so interesting anymore…

Come back later for a more ‘fun’ blog… but today I’m just not happy with what I am seeing!


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