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The Urge to Write

Posted on: November 25, 2012

I have this urge to write… I haven’t blogged or written in a while… the thing is I have the urge to write, not by typing away, but I want to go back to my Dear Diary days… Remember that? When your diary held your innermost secrets and thoughts… boy if anyone got hold of my Dear Diary RIGHT THIS MOMENT… hmmmm… let’s NOT go there 🙂

Writing is good… it helps to let off steam… say what you need to say, get it off your chest (especially when you think you can’t say it to anyone else except yourself and oh yes… your Dear Diary…)

For someone who likes to keep everything inside, my Dear Diary is my confident, best friend, soul mate…

So friends and family, bloggers, readers and occasional writers… take your Dear Dear Dear Diary… and ink away… it’s so satisfying… especially seeing your words in print.. your handwriting that you don’t see often except to write checks or sign off that you saw your kids’ library books and that he/she read them…

I still have a thing for pencils and pens, crayons and markers… you don’t just have to write… you can also draw, color, scribble… wonder what the psychiatrists and psychologists out there would say about my scribbles and scratches, doodles and marks… it’s quite fascinating actually… I personally love it… and then I love scratching them off… heheheh…

How RANDOM is this post… like I said, I have an urge to write… of course this is not the privileged information that my Dear Diary has access to… but this is good enough… at least you get the idea… how freeing a random thought or paragraph or post can be…

Now go out there and ink something that will make you feel free…


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