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A New Adventure…

Posted on: May 16, 2013

So out of the blue I get a random tweet asking why I stopped blogging… Come to think of it… Yeah! Why did I stop??? Just got lazy I suppose. Then I started thinking… Hmmmmm what should I blog about? Lots to say! Moved to Qatar… Missing my family like crazy… New job… New friends… And a new hobby with a cause!

The new hobby? Cycling! My brother is an avid cyclists… Started road biking then he got into mountain biking. And he was also riding for charity too… I admired that for a long time. But the streets back home in Jordan just don’t allow you to ride safely… In Qatar they’ve actually made special roads for cyclists and it the country is on a mission to improve people’s lives via health and charity initiatives! Totally loved the fact that those ideals were so important here.

Then I met the Qatar Sandstormers
A group of Vodafone Qatar employees who cycle the Global Biking Initiative

And WHAT is the Global Biking Initiative? It’s actually an idea that started by a group of avid cyclists from Vodafone who thought they could raise awareness for their charities by cycling across Europe!

Cycling… Plus charity? Healthy. Plus doing good! How could I resist???

And so my adventure shall begin.

More later… I’m so hungry! Can’t concentrate!


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