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Adventures in Training – Bringing on The Betty!

Posted on: October 11, 2013

So within 24 hours of my I am a Betty announcement I was assigned a triathlete trainer and I’ve been training ever since! Been quite intense and exciting and so many supporters including friends and family, other Betty’s and my charity cycling team the Qatar Sandstormers.

Feeling blessed and equally excited! My training has been daily with only one day off. Running 4x per week, cycling twice and swimming once. Will be adding another swim session as it’s my weakest so far. But I’m looking forward to the experience and to inspiring other women out there it get out and start. It’s never too late. Coming up on 41. I’m doing this for me. I wish I’d discovered it earlier. But I’m happy that I’ve been supported and sponsored and I represent!

Participated in my first time trial last week and will be racing next Friday. Should be exciting! Looking forward to just getting the feel for the races.

Check out the time trial pix below!





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