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2014 Starting Off Pretty Awesome!

Posted on: January 11, 2014

First Place, Women's Long Distance, Category B

First Place, Women’s Long Distance, Category B

So I’m super excited! So much has happened in the past week it’s unbelievable… but I guess the biggest achievement for me this week is placing FIRST in the women’s b category long distance ride! 80km ride at Lusail Circuit, organized by the local Qatar Chain Reaction cycling club. My charity cycling team, the Qatar Sandstormers were out riding as a team. My teammate, Caroline also placed first in her category, Women’s Masters. It felt great to ride as a team and benefit from taking turns leading… drafting really helps in group races as the riders in the peloton benefit from less wind resistance and can conserve energy.

I wanted to ride the 80km as I prepare for Abu Dhabi International Triathlon (ADIT) coming up on March 15. I have never competed in a triathlon, and if you have been following my blogs, you know I got into it by coincidence. Actually, it was my charity cycling team captain, Marouf T. Mahmoud, that encouraged me to try… and so the challenge began!

The beauty about the GCC is that events like ADIT are easily accessible. And training for these events is also easy as facilities are readily available as well as access to loads of information from friends, coaches and other athletes you meet on your way. But you have to be dedicated to your training program and take your nutrition really seriously. I train with NRG Performance Training out of Canada. In just two months, I’ve seen my cycling improve, my running really pick up and my swim dramatically improve. If you can’t get someone to coach you, just make sure your exercise regimen consists of recovery periods, i.e. time off from your training so that your body recovers… flushing your legs on the bike after the bike, running shorter times and at an easing pace to flush your legs, and time off to just REST and SLEEP.

Hamidallah I have been lucky. I’ve been sponsored by Betty Designs, had my training supported and now on my way to competing in Abu Dhabi…


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