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Posted on: February 19, 2014

There are just some nights when you can’t sleep… and this is one of them… been up since 1am… I don’t know… lots on my mind? Work… Home… Kids… Hobbies… and top it all off with a cold and sore throat… And I have the urge to blog… about being sleepless!

So I browsed the internet, Facebook, looked at a few emails… two hours have flown by… why don’t two hours fly by like that during the day? I have to be “up” in a couple of hours for my morning routine… Looks like today I will have to drink lots of coffee to stay awake…

Obviously this post is completely about nothing and I just needed something to do to try and fall asleep… like bore myself and you, the occasional reader with this really blah blog which may actually help you get to sleep but will do absolutely nothing for me except  question my sanity at 3am as I tap away on my laptop…

I guess this is more of a note than a blog… Note to self… try to sleep!


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