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Posted on: March 3, 2014


Abu Dhabi International Triathlon Local Heroes, Marouf T. Mahmoud & Wajeeha Al-Husseini

So the countdown as begun! We are officially less than two weeks away from Abu Dhabi International Triathlon! And it’s been crazy the last couple of weeks, taking a couple of hits to my training… first suffering from an odd cold that has YET to leave me and dislocating my thumb a couple of days ago playing volleyball!

But that won’t stop me… since getting back to training about 10 days ago, I’ve managed to run my PB 10km and 5km ever. I’m now regularly running under 6min/km for long runs (45 minutes plus), I’ve finally been able to get regular OWS in which has been a struggle since December and as you all know I can now swim non-stop for at least 1.5km with my breath in check. Yeah I’d say I’m ready.

It has been mentally taxing. It’s not the training that is exhausting. Sure the physical part is strenuous, it’s the mental game. I never realized how much effort it takes to concentrate and focus whilst training. And the importance of nutrition, fueling and drinking during training for any activity over 1 hour. Brain cells need the carbs!

What I haven’t managed to do, and I will happily admit this, is lay off the chocolates. I constantly crave my Snickers and M&Ms. I just can’t give that up! I have managed to be on the healthy side in terms of food selection and what I eat, even when going out. The occasional cheeseburger does manage to make it onto the selection, but it’s only occasional and the fries have taken a back seat. What’s awesome is I no longer gauge my weight on the scale to feeling healthy or ‘slimmer’. I really don’t care about that anymore. What I love seeing are the toned muscles that are slowly emerging from behind the skin! Love that! And what’s equally satisfying is after training I don’t feel tired. I just feel great.

I’m looking forward to the Short Distance course I’ve signed up for. Just found out that Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan for those of you who know her from Bold & the Beautiful) is also participating in the short distance course! I was really excited and surprised that she’s a triathlete and will be there. She’s 52 and still hot AND workin’ the tri-course! Cool part? We’re both staying at the same hotel, the 5 Star Khalidya Palace Rayhaan, the official hotel for ADIT. While I personally hate what she’s done to Taylor in B&B, I’m looking forward to bumping into her and maybe getting a photo op in with my Team Betty 2014 kit! I should remember to pass on my Friends and Family Discount for Betty Designs too!


Katherine Kelly Lang in training on her TT Bike


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