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Posted on: March 23, 2016

Ok I keep doing this… on again, off again relationship with my blog… but hopefully this time I will TRY to keep it a regular thing… like regularly saying I am on again off again :-p

So now I feel a bit more inspired to blog about simply nothing at all. I’ve been trying to decide where my blog should go, what I should blog about and how to take it forward. What I’ve learned is that this is pretty much a mash up of my life, my work, my kids, my hobbies, my passions and pretty much anything that crosses my mind.

I don’t really rant, I’m not good at that, although I do have a few words to say to people when they irk me… But I don’t think it’s beneficial or therapeutic for me… I would rather focus on the inspirational aspects of life, positive, moving forward, managing day to day life and just being all around generally a good person. I think most of us strive to do this. I’m not going to say NORMAL person, because what is normal to me is NOT necessarily normal to you… and what I’ve seen and learned is that we ALL have a wacky dimension to our families, our life, our own little bubble of a world.

I have been snapchatting recently… Love Snapchat, because I don’t use it for talking about or promoting anything. I just use it to be wacky, fun, maybe a bit of positive shout out to the world, sometimes giving advice, sometimes being silly. Life should be fun, not to be taken too seriously and maybe perhaps adding a bit of devotion to your beliefs in a spiritual sense. Whatever floats your boat. I’m devout in my own way. I’m happily Muslim, I’m a proud Arab and as stated by a recent interview on Slow Twitch, I am a cultural mutt! LOVE IT! Speaking of which, here is the link to the interview!




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