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The Health Factor

Posted on: April 3, 2016

Healthy! Vegan! Paleo! Low Carb! Nutritious! Organic! So many labels and titles, yet no one really tells you what all that means combined with your daily meal plans… and that has been a hard lesson I’ve learned with my constant Yo-Yo battle with my weight…

Fruits and veggies are healthy!! Yes they are… in moderation! Fruits and some veggies are high in carbs… your body really doesn’t need that much carbs!

Vegan is healthy! Yes it could be… in moderation! Dear God, have you seen how many carbs are in one thin slice of an all vegan ‘healthy’ labeled cheesecake slice???

Go Paleo or go away! Yes it could be… in moderation! Probably closest to healthiest BUT don’t let that quinoa burger patty fool you… it’s still loaded with carbs!

Too much of a good thing has never been so right in so many ways… I’ve always struggled with my weight… I’ve always tried to go on this awesome diet or this new fad plan… I’ve done many of the fad diets… the TJ Soup Diet, the Mayo Clinic Soup Diet, the Atkins Diet, a diet planned from my 4-5 dietitians I’ve seen over the years… set meal plans delivered to my work, my home… all have worked… TEMPORARILY… because what happens is that once you are off the plan… no one really tells you what to do AFTER you’ve lost all that weight and how NOT to put it back on again by reverting to your normal daily habits.

Whoever tells you or whatever you read about people who EAT WHAT THEY WANT and DON’T EXERCISE are really NOT telling you the truth… I’ve had the privilege, since starting the sport of cycling and triathlon, to meet some of the most fascinating group of individuals I have ever come across. ALL of them with their tips and tricks on how they manage to drop the weight, exercise and be fit as a fiddle! Slim, toned, defined and muscular…

What’s the secret…? Writing down and monitoring WHAT THEY EAT…

Yes that’s the first secret folks. Your dietitian has told you before, write down what you eat for a week and then we meet for another appointment… Most of us are usually in denial… I don’t eat that much! I really do try to eat healthy! And then you start to write down what you eat… and those little nibbles and snacks and a bite here and there start to add up.

Not only that, but it’s the mix of what you are eating which is really the fascinating part! Cause there’s another little secret that no one tells you about… it’s called your MACROS… or MACRONUTRIENTS… the bane of my existence until I discovered them and started to understand how they work against you, or with you, when you eat!

So I would write down that I ate healthy! I had a fruit salad for breakfast! An apple, a melon slice, strawberries and a banana! Topped it with 10 raisins and a handful of almonds! Yum! Gurrrrrrl… if you’re trying to lose weight… guess what… you just managed to consume ALL the carbs you needed for the day, possibly the week! In just breakfast!

Wrote down my health alternative to rice.. Quinoa! Yes it’s great, lower in carbs, higher in protein, but GURRRRRRL you already consumed your carbs for breakfast!!! Well I didn’t know that!

I could go on and on about the rest of my healthy day… dinner was a smoothie! An apple, half an avocado, teaspoon of honey, coconut milk, cocoa powder… WAIT, did you just say apple AND honey? Yeah I did… GURRRRRRRRRL CARBS your CARBS are all off! But but my calories were low…

And there it is! Your calorie intake REALLY isn’t as important as your CARB:FAT:PROTEIN ratios!

Wanna lost weight? Carbs below 90 grams… for the whole day… believe me that is NOT easy… you would be surprised at how quickly you can over-Carb yourself…

But that’s not all… your ratio is even more important… your FAT (healthy fat) percentage should be higher than your overall carb intake… cause the healthy fats are what will help you keep you ‘full’ and stave off any CRAVINGS… those damn sugar cravings! I want to eat chocolate… I need something sweet… You really SHOULDN’T have any cravings if you are body is being supplied with the right balance of macros and your ratios are correct!

I’m not an expert, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a dietitian… but I have learned from my amazing friends who ARE experts, nutritionists and life style coaches that what you consume and how much of WHAT you consume, will make you a healthier and fitter person.

My first recommendation to you all is to get #MyFitnessPal app. Download it. This is your most important diary that you will ever fill! Have a look at how much and what you are eating! At first you will find it frustrating to having to keep writing it all down. But then after the first couple of days it becomes a habit… and you actually start to become more aware of how you are messing up your system and yourself, by thinking you ARE doing it right, but you’re really not.

There is SO MUCH MORE to say about this topic, but I will leave it for another day… There really is only ONE fad diet that you should follow… and that is to write down EVERYTHING you eat and start taking a deeper look at how your food is affecting your mood, your cravings, and how much of a ‘good’ thing you may be eating, really isn’t that good at all!



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