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The Motivation

Posted on: April 7, 2017

So, I’ve been meaning to start blogging again I think for the last three years… and I don’t know what sidetracks me… until I read an article recently and I realized why I keep putting it off… Force of Habit!

Motivation starts with consistency… planning… sticking to the plan… and with consistency comes the habit! In summary, plan to do whatever you want to do on a regular basis, don’t skip it… it could be good, or bad, or both but eventually it will become a habit… and eventually you will get better at it and eventually, it’s not about motivation, it’s more about the habit you have formed!

It’s the same for everything we do… starting a clean eating lifestyle… starts with developing the habit. And you will go through all the stages of wanting to give up before it becomes a habit and it no longer needs motivation to get you where you need to go!

For example… we start something new, like a workout. The first day you wake up all excited and ready to hit the gym! At the gym, you are awesome, you are invincible and no one can beat you… you go throughout your day, feeling great! And then… the next day… you wake up… SORE, muscles aching… your body be like… WHAT DID YOU JUST DO TO ME??? Well the simple answer is, dear body, is that I just used muscles that were laying dormant for the last few months! And this is where motivation either makes you or breaks you… Do we get up and do it all over again? Or do we give up… If you give up… you haven’t forced yourself to build a new habit… it has to start from within you… you have to WANT it, to force it to become a reality, to force it to become a habit, where, when you wake up… you are ready for it and ready to start all over again…

So here is my commitment to keep blogging… I pledge to blog every Friday… won’t be easy…. but the tip is to make it a habit… so every Friday this will be my habit… to return to my blog. I do have a lot to say… and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you…

Waj Um Yazan, signing out



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This is awesome!
Can’t wait to read it:)))

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