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What I’m Training For!

Posted on: May 19, 2017

So every time I try to explain triathlon and what I’m training for, I get the same reaction every time… Woah! You’re doing what??? What was that distance again? Over how many days? WHAT? One day? All in one day???

I can’t tell you how much these reactions make me think… wow… really, what am I doing and at the same time push me to WANT to do this even more…

I will admit, I am VERY anxious at the thought… I mean really… a 3.8 kilometer swim, followed by a 180 kilometer bike, followed by a 42 kilometer run… who wouldn’t be anxious… especially coming into their first long-distance endurance event!

Yes this is my first full IronMan. I’ve done two other 70.3 IronMan distances, multitudes of sprint distances, an Olympic distance and one short distance at Abu Dhabi International Triathlon which was a 1.5 kilometer swim, a 100 kilometer bike, followed by a 10 kilometer run.

I’ve also participated in a couple of half marathons a couple of 5km runs and 10km runs. I’ve never completed a full marathon (perhaps that should be my next goal after the IronMan, although it DOES include a full marathon distance post the bike).

So here we are, I am 44 days away from IronMan Austria. It’s crunch time and these next six weeks are essential for my training. The training load will be high as I build my endurance. Of course, I have been training regularly but it hasn’t been easy with work and family commitments a priority. But somehow I’ve managed and I’m sure I’ve sacrificed on the personal front to dedicate my training time to this baby!

Today I have a rest day as tomorrow my coach has me on a 2/3’s day. This means that I will train exactly 2/3’s the distance I will do in Austria. Which means a 3km swim, a 120km bike ride following by a 28km run.

That’s a full day! A few weeks ago I did a 70.3 distance but I didn’t do the full bike I was meant to… a 1.9km swim, biked for 90 minutes and ran a 21km. That was tough. It’s not easy to train here in Jordan. We have hilly courses and I’m still petrified of riding my bike on the roads here simply because cycling culture is still in its infancy and people still don’t understand that a car against a bike, well the car will ALWAYS win! So I’ve been training mostly indoors on my turbo trainer. And let me tell you… training indoors is a lot more difficult than competing in a full IronMan. You can’t imagine HOW BORING IT IS to sit there, stationary for 4 hours, staring at your computer screen, hoping it will all go away soon. Takes a lot of mental strength let me tell you!

But I must say the support of friends, family, sponsors and those following on social media has been overwhelming… not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the support and motivation to keep going.

Thank you my Betty Designs sqaud, KABS Fit Factory and KABS Athletes, RNR Sports… so grateful for all your support!


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