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Some of My Favorite Words

Posted on: February 9, 2018

I LOVE WORDS… I love words because besides the obvious that you can use them to speak and converse… certain words have such profound meaning that when I use them I feel liberated…

So without further ado… here are 6 of my favorite words

6. Passion – because without passion about anything in life where would you be? How would you express? How would you FEEL about anything? Intense feelings… If anything I am passionate… heart on my sleeve…

5. Loyalty – It’s so ingrained in how I approach anything in life… If you’re not loyal to your routine, your work, your family, your friends, yourself… then what can you achieve? Without being consistent and reliable, trustworthy or dedicated, stable or dependable… for me, then nothing is possible…

4. Humble – maybe I’m a bit too humble but I find that being NORMAL and approachable makes you a much more welcome person in any circle… I can’t stand anyone with over self-confidence… those with huge egos, I find them repulsive… you can lead, you can inspire, you can teach and you can learn by being humble…

3. Adventurous – Willing to try something new… anything… food, sport, conversation, music, travel, life… it’s all an adventure… I won’t say risk taker… because putting your life on the line I find a bit selfish… but being adventurous, trying out new things that might be exciting, or different, even if it didn’t go as planned, or not what you expected, is an amazing learning experience…

2. Tenacity – and I don’t mean stubborn… but tenacity is about being determined, persistent and persevering… Not giving up… going after something and getting it done… when you put your mind to do something and getting it done… tenacity is a beautiful word…

1. Compassion – sympathetic, feeling, caring, sensitive… to yourself and those around you… While we can’t always be compassionate 24/7 and sometimes we have to show ‘tough love’ , we also can’t be insensitive to those around us and their needs… family, friends, colleagues, relatives, strangers…

And that wraps up some of my favorite words for the day… But just so we are clear… I also have a long list of curse words that I am equally passionate about, but we will leave that for another blog… 🙂



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