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Failure is Awesome

Posted on: February 23, 2018

Yes! You read the headline correctly. Failure IS awesome!

There are tons of blog posts on this topic. Why failing is the path to success… why you need to fail in order to succeed. Why you shouldn’t give up, etc. etc. etc. And you know what… they are ALL right… In order to succeed, you must fail. It comes at a price… but let me tell you why I think it’s awesome… not only to succeed, but also to come to terms with what you CAN DO and what you NEED to do in order to improve.

Let’s get something straight though… I’m not saying that every failed attempt will lead to success. Some failures will stay with you forever. You won’t succeed… but those lessons you learned, when you failed, and didn’t succeed, will help you succeed in something else. Because behind every failure, is a lesson. And if you look for that lesson, and understand what happened, you can apply those principles to something else that might actually help you SUCCEED….

So let rather than babble, let me tell you what I mean…

I’m awful at telling jokes and stories. I suck. I laugh before I reach the punchline. I deliver the punchline at the wrong pause… But I still insist on telling jokes… and making sure that I laugh at myself for making a bad joke. I can’t help it. It’s just me… some people are talented at telling stories and bringing you to the climax of the story and segueing into the punchline, or joke, or perfect dramatic moment. I have no such talent. So I’ve learned that I can’t be a standup comedian. And if someone makes fun of me for that sucky delivery, you know what… I laugh even harder. Because I know that my talent is not here and that no matter what I do… I will always suck. Failure taught me not to stop telling jokes, but to enjoy, and laugh with, those laughing at me for my silliness.

I’ve failed to meet objectives or expectations people decided on my behalf that I didn’t realize were set for me! I thought I had delivered on a particular task at work. From my perspective. But it turned out that my perspective is not the only thing that matters. Or my understanding of that objective. So while some may say, communication would have resolved this point, there will ALWAYS be your perspective and someone else’s. So don’t let this bring you down. On the contrary… listen to the varying perspective, understand where you missed the mark, align your new objectives and be on your way.

I wrote a blog post on the IronMan that didn’t happened. Where I failed to finish. But if I let failure stand in my way, I wouldn’t have gotten my finisher medal 54 days later!

I believe this blog post is a FAIL… LOL. I have written better ones… not sure if my message got across but I needed to put this out there… The more I blog on a regular basis, the better I will become. I will post some terrible posts… case in point. And maybe some gems will come along the way…

I just needed to get this out of my head and out in writing somewhere… to be lost amongst the digital world… showing up on Google search page 54 at the bottom somewhere…

Ok that paragraph above just reminded me of my first blog post I ever wrote and it was on MySpace I think and Zaid Talhouni and Ramzi Ghurani had a big laugh… because I started it off with… Hello Cyberspacers… and I even had the time and date referencing Star Trek… Wallah ana funny! HAHHAHAHAHAHHA

Peace out. Fail. It’s OK to Fail.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


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Hahahaha thanks for sharing Wajeeha 😊 I like 👍🏼

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