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So I am listening to the 5am Club on Audible… more on Audible later, and with each chapter that goes by, I am realizing more and more how profound and fundamental the lessons are in the book! It makes me want to listen over and over and practice the habits daily… The thing is, I started to notice when I have a good day and when I have a not so good day simply by how I start off my mornings! Here’s a look…

  1. Wake up at 5am. When I do this, and jump right out of bed and start my morning, I have the time I need to have my moment that I can enjoy my coffee, the sound of the birds and catch up on reading… Until 6am. Then I go for my early morning workout. These days it’s just a walk or a short run, but it sets my day right. I am more conscious then, of what I am going to eat, how I will handle my day and my tasks and what I will achieve during the day. During my workout, my mind is clear, and ideas pop into my head, the creative hour is during this 6am walk/run workout!
  2. Small, frequent advances lead to unimaginable results over time. This quote is from the 5am Club… a 1% change in your daily routine means a 30% increase in your productivity over one month! So true… building habits, small ones, help you achieve massive results… it’s so simple!
  3. If you say you can’t, you have already failed. The brain is like a muscle, we have to train it like we train at the gym, or when running long distances. We have the capacity, as humans, to be geniuses, to be leaders, to be creative, but it is only the very few that achieve greatness simply because they CHOSE to step out of their comfort zone and do what others have failed to do, i.e. train themselves to achieve greatness. There is a quote that I love, We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Anyone can achieve what they want to do, they just have to do what the 95% are not willing to do.

I really felt the need to share these small but very significant fundamentals. Again, I have been applying these theories in my life for quite a while now but The 5AM Club has communicated them so well that I can’t help but to keep sharing and resharing these ideas.


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